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Fire Whips

We are delighted to introduce a brand new whip to our range, the Karaka Fire Whip™.

The whip is truly spectacular when being used with fantastic fire balls coming from the whip when it is cracked.

The Karaka Fire Whip™ is made of Kevlar and has an absorbent core which holds plenty of fluid. We use stainless steel for the handle and shield as it does not conduct heat and is stronger and more durable. A rubber hand grip provides good control and comfort.

Innovation puts you in control

We have developed an innovative mechanism which means the handler can change the thong. This not only means you save money by being able to reuse the handle, but it also saves you time as you do not need to send it away to be recovered. We sell the Karaka Fire Whip™ with an extra fall (tai)l and two crackers.

To make sure you have fun and enjoy your new whip we enclose safety instructions and how to tie on the cracker.

Enjoy the fun of the Karaka Fire Whip™ and send us photos of you using it!