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Frequently Asked Questions
  1.  Is it UV protected?   Yes, our whips are 100% protected from the sun.
  2. Is the handle strong and long lasting?  Yes.  It is made of stainless steel braided over.  It requires no maintenance.
  3. Is there a breaking-in period?  No.  Our whips are made from durable polyethylene which means they crack and flow well first time.
  4. How are the whips weighted?  With lead loading according to their length.  Each whip length is individually weighted to ensure ease of use and maximum effectiveness.
  5. What happens when the fall needs replacing?  The great news is, the customer is in complete control and can replace the fall themselves, it is that easy.  Falls are available from retail outlets where whips are sold.
  6. Why are there colour options?  In additional to traditional black and at the request of our rural customers, we added two strong colour options (wasp or red/black) to the range.  This means if the farmer drops the whip or leaves it behind on a post they stand out dominantly.
  7. Do we customize whips for customers?  Yes, we are happy to work with a customer to produce a whip to suit them. This usually means a modification on handle length or loading.   Colour options remain traditional black or wasp or red/black for high visibility.
  8. Can the customer try the whip?  Yes.  We find there is 100% uptake when a customer tests the whip and realises how easy it is to use.
  9. How do the whips perform in wet conditions?  Perfectly.  When the whip is cracked the water fires out so they remain light and flexible.  They require no special drying or dressing when wet.
  10. What is the maintenance regime?  None.  They are able to be washed out in water, cracked and then hung until the next use.
If you have any questions about our range of whips, please do not hesitate to contact us.We are always happy to hear from our retailers and customers.

  thank you for your support during covid 19 we are still delivering   worldwide                            

Mobile: +64(0)27 4440323


Mobile: +64(0)27 4440323
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