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All About Whips

Our Karaka Whip is made in the traditional manner, using today’s materials. This means the Karaka Whip is a well balance, durable work whip, able to with stand temperatures well in the minus’s to the extreme very hot and dry climates, without requiring dressing and constant maintenance.

The Karaka Whip is synthetic but has no Nylon, Nylon stretches, not a desirable trait in a whip.  Our whips are lead loaded, each length is loaded for optimal performance. This loading is built into an inner whip, which we then cover with an outer whip. Our customers have the choice of 2 handles, a lovely hand turned wood handle or our braided handle, the base of which is stainless steel, making it a durable, long lasting handle, ( as opposed to the traditional cane handle.) 

Whip styles measure differently.

A stock whip is measured without its handle, the thong only. For example, a 5 ft stock whip 
then has it’s 1 ft handle added, so it’s WORKING length would be 6 ft.

A bullwhip is measured in its entirety, knob to end of the thong, so a 6 ft bullwhip would 
measure in WORKING length the same as a 5 ft stock whip.

Snake and fire whips measure the same as a bullwhip.

The fall / tail  and  cracker / popper are added to the end of the thong.

All Karaka Whips are sent out with the fall / tail and cracker / popper attached.

Our customers will receive 2 extra crackers with their whip, as our gift to you.

In choosing the length of your whip, this depends not on a person’s height or age but rather 
WHERE you intend to use your whip. 

We will often put a 5 ft stock whip or 6 ft bullwhip in the hands of someone we are teaching 
to use a whip for the first time. We find the timing of using these length whips, to be good 
for learners.

Farmers working in close quarters e.g. in stock yards, off motorbikes, would choose a 
shorter whip, 4 – 5 ft stock whip (5 - 6 ft bullwhip)

For a good all round, general purpose whip a 6 ft stock whip or the equalivant a 7 ft bullwhip 
would be chosen.

For fun or performance, many choose a 6 – 7 ft bullwhip.

There are no rules!

At the end of the day, it is a very individual choice, whatever you feel most comfortable 
with, you will use confidently and safely.

Karaka Whips have a reputation of being very hard wearing and durable, they are not 
though, indestructible.

When cracking a whip, of any kind, you do not want to be hitting the whip into the ground 
or gravel, this will do damage and could destroy the end of the thong. 

NEVER USE A WHIP WITHOUT A CRACKER! Using a whip without a cracker, will ruin the fall / tail and will not crack. 
An interesting fact about whip cracking,   where you look, is where the whip will crack. If you are looking at the ground, that is where the whip will crack. So LOOK UP, your whip will crack beautifully in the air for you.

Now we have answered your questions, you can get down to using your new Karaka Whip.


The Karaka Whips team.

  thank you for your support during covid 19 we are still delivering   worldwide                            

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Mobile: +64(0)27 4440323
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