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Stock Whips

Our tried and true Karaka Stock Whip - synthetic stock whip is designed for all weather conditions. The whip is so easy to use that men love them, ladies adore them, children want them, and stock respect them!

The lead-loaded thong is 100% synthetic. This means;
  • When it gets dirty you can give it a quick wash and get right back to work.  It works perfectly when wet. 
  • It won’t be easily damaged by new usersWe have hand turned the timber handle so it suits all hand sizes with comfort and ease. So this lovely handle coupled with the synthetic lead-loaded twelve-plait thong ensures these stock whips crack every time with very little practice.

We have adapted the sizes so that you can use 4 - 5 ft whips in the stockyards or confined spaces. The 6 - 8 ft whips are ideal for use on horseback, paddock, and length work.
Karaka Stock Whip at a glance:
  •  Designed for all weather conditions.
  • No maintenance - it never needs dressing, unlike leather whips.
  • Lead-loaded fall (or thong) – it cracks every time!
  • Lead-loaded New Zealand timber handle specially turned to suit all users.
  • Fully synthetic – so it can't rot
  • Low maintenance – you can it wash it in a trough and get on with your work!
  • Three month guarantee – we stand by all our products and fully guarantee them for 3 months.
  • Colourful options – this whip comes in traditional black, or our new yellow-and-black "Wasp" design or the red-and-black design

Click here to view a how to put a cracker or popper on a whip

Click here to view how to put a fall on a whip




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