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Karaka Fire Whip

Karaka Fire Whip
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US $140.64
We are delighted to introduce a brand new whip to our range, the Karaka Fire Whip™.

The whip is truly spectacular when being used with fantastic fire balls coming from the whip when it is cracked.

 Smouldering: One of the most common ways to have a fire whip or any fire wicked product fail or die prematurely is to let fire products smoulder. This happens mostly when fire products are let to go out by themselves as then the wick is burning rather than the fuel (this should be avoided at all times) When using your fire whip at the flame flickering stage near the end of a burn is when the whip should be extinguished rather than letting it go out by itself. This will help prevent the fire whip from smouldering. Once the fire whip has been extinguished at the end of a burn lightly soak the fire whip in the fire fuel again to help keep the whip cool then remove excess fuel by shaking off or blotting off the fuel, then your fire whip is ready to be used again or put away in a safe storage place. Even if you are not using the fire whip again then and there, a light re-soaking will help prolong the life of your fire whip. Storing in a tight lidded container works well so the fuel smells don’t escape. We also recommend that fire whips are not used as your whip of choice for practicing. For a quality practice whip we recommend a non fire whip so as to protect your fire whip from being damaged.
For a wide range of non fire whips visit our website

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